Our reading recommendations of the week #4 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #4 – 2018

Welcome to our second reading recommendations of this year!

This week, we recommend you to learn about these subjects:

  • The worst software bugs in history
  • How Do I Convert My Team To TDD?
  • Why it’s not a good idea to be the one who complains? (yes, testers sometimes do this)

It’s always interesting to look back and try to learn from history, specifically from the worst bugs in history. Scott Berkun pinpoints a list of articles telling stories of major failures costing huge amount of money, or even human lives, then gives a list of resources for learning from the mistakes of others. This read The worst software bugs in history (and how to learn from them) will lead you to a lot of other recommended reading.


Test Driven Development is not really a testing activity but a development activity. One of its major goal is to help improving quality by including testing in the development process. If you need to, How Do I Convert My Team To TDD? is a good starting read written by Dave Schinkel which categorized himself (obviously) as a Software Crafter.


Finally, Antti Niittyviita explains the analogy between testers and Don Quixote and why we, testers, fight a losing battle about our role. What if we decided to see the world for what it really is and then start acting accordingly? Giants and windmills of testing

Enjoy your reading!

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